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About us

UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a.s., based in Dubí near Teplice in Northwest Bohemia, is an important and historically the oldest Czech producer of mineral insulation materials (since the 1960s first under the name Fibrex, later Rotaflex and in modern history – since 1992 – Rotaflex super). It is engaged in the production of thermal and acoustic insulation made of glass fibres, intended mainly for the construction industry for residential, civil, industrial and agricultural buildings, but also applicable in other industries. Its products come in a wide range of sizes, thicknesses and weights and are offered in mats or slabs.

The building insulation market is constantly evolving, the requirements for product quality, health safety, ecological aspects, etc. are increasing. 20 years ago, would no longer be viable in the current building insulation market. The competition in this production sector is very high and not to make gradual technological innovations would be very negatively limiting for UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a.s. Therefore, since 2013, gradual modernisation of the entire production technology has been carried out at a cost of hundreds of millions of euros. All reconstructions related to the production line were carried out in cooperation with leading consulting firms and experienced domestic and foreign suppliers of technologies in the field of glass melting and pulping. The innovations in the production process concerned the main technological nodes, not only the aforementioned melting (modernisation of the melting bath) and the pulping of glass fibre, but also the distribution of the fibre in the storage chamber, the shaping of the glass fibre fleece and finally its formatting and packaging into rolls or slabs as well as the actual palletising of these products for dispatch. This entire phase was completed with a major renovation in late 2020. The main parameter of these innovations was to achieve modern complex control of the production process, i.e. checking the deposition and distribution of glass fibre by online X-raying of all production (GreCon dieffensor), checking the thermal properties of the products by means of the so called lambdameter, control of fibre diameter using Diamscoppe equipment… These new technologies also included the installation of equipment to minimise the negative impact of production on the environment. All technical data is stored in an internal database and is then used to evaluate production efficiency and further optimization of the production process. For quality purposes, the management system has been certified according to ISO 9001, the environmental management system according to ISO 14001 and the safety system according to ISO 45001. The products have been awarded the Czech Made quality mark, which is granted by the Czech Society for Quality to quality Czech products.

Currently UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a.s. produces innovative products fully comparable to competitive products of thermal and acoustic insulation made of glass fibre. It supplies its products not only to the domestic market, but also abroad under the ROTAFLEX super trademark, and cooperates with customers who request production and delivery of products in their private packaging. All its products are duly certified.

The highest priority of all employees of UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a.s. is customer satisfaction and trust. That is why all its activities are aimed at ensuring that the customer knows that he is working with a reliable partner. The extensive investment in the modernisation of the entire production line was therefore the main motive to achieve this goal.