Green to Savings 

You can purchase ROTAFLEX Super thermal insulation under the New Green Savings subsidy. New Green Savings is one of the programmes in the Czech Republic focused on energy savings in residential buildings. It supports the reduction of energy consumption of residential buildings,  the construction of houses with very low energy consumption, environmentally friendly heating methods and the installation of renewable energy sources. The main objective of the programme is to improve the state of the environment by reducing the production of pollutants and greenhouse gases (mainly CO2 emissions). It contributes to saving energy in final consumption and stimulating the economy of the Czech Republic along with other social benefits, such as improving the quality of housing for citizens, improving the appearance of towns and villages, and starting long-term progressive trends.


Specifically, you can apply for a subsidy for these our products:

Racking strips KP 01 (λ = 0,037), SVT code 999
Racking strips KP02 (λ = 0,035), SVT code 1000
Thermal strips TP 01 (λ = 0,039), SVT code 998
Plate UNI-P (λ = 0,040), SVT code 759
Facade boards FD 01 (λ = 0,035), SVT code 1003
Facade boards FD 02 (λ = 0,032), SVT code 1005
Plate TSPS02 (λ = 0.032), SVT code 1007
Partition strips PP 01 (λ = 0,039), SVT code 879
Partition boards PDL 01 (λ = 0,039), SVT code 860
EKO plus thermal strip (λ = 0,042), SVT code 992
Granulate R (λ = 0.038), SVT code 1012
Acoustic panels ADP 01 (λ = 0,035), SVT code 1011