About the company

UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a. s., is the only Czech producer of thermal and acoustic insulation made of glass fibres for residential, civil, industrial and agricultural buildings.


We manufacture a wide range of products for thermal and acoustic insulation. These are mats and boards in various dimensions, thicknesses and volumetric weights.

Our products have received EC certificates of conformity, valid in European Union countries, and their quality is monitored by a certification authority.


The intention of UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a. s. is to satisfy domestic customers, to whom we offer a product at the European level. In the future, we want to cooperate better with our dealers and increase the level of sales service to improve sales. We want to show our customers how to use our material in the best and most efficient way when performing insulation, which materials it can be combined with, so that the assemblies comply with standards and regulations. At the same time, we want to keep our dealers and customers up to date with new knowledge and new products.


The main and decisive goal of UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a. s. is a satisfied customer who has saved energy and reduced the noise level by using ROTAFLEX Super ® with quality and guarantee.


UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA, a. s., continuously monitors the quality of products during the production process. For this purpose, a quality management system has been developed in accordance with European standards. This procedure ensures the permanent quality of products.

Our history

The first verified report about the Forest Branna as a glassworks comes from 1872 from the directory for the Teplice district.

From the original owner Ernst A. A. Abendroth, the Fischmann family bought the glassworks. Throughout its existence, the glassworks produced mostly typical products (beverage bottles, flat glass, glass blocks), but also electrically melted refractories.

Glasfabriken Fischmann Söhne A. G. is seriously interested in the production of glass wool for insulation applications. This idea was subsequently continued in 1963-1967 with the construction of a Fibrex insulation fibre production line. After the successful start of Fibrex production, the construction of the Rotaflex fibre production facility was started.

The global rise in energy prices at the end of the last century was reflected in the demand for quality insulation. The management of the joint stock company UNION LESNÍ BRÁNA decided to change the production technology leading to the production of a product fully comparable with products from developed countries. The intention was realized and in 1993 the licensed product ROTAFLEX Super ® leaves the production line.